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Our Service

We manufacture and supply an extensive range of toroidal and traditional E-I transformers, both off-the-shelf and designed for your specific requirements.And we provide OEM service on all our products. Applications include LED lighting, telecommunications, power conditioning,  as well as a host of other industrial uses.

Topmark’s speciality is the design and manufacture of a premium range of highly efficient toroidal transformers, perfect for LED lighting applications but also suitable for a range of other uses. Our toroidal transformers are specially made for customers who demand high efficiency and quality power products. With our state-of-the-art winding machines and industrial standard testing instruments, our highly trained staff and, most importantly, our innovative R&D team we can meet your requirements seamlessly from the design phase to the finished products, with rigorous quality control at every step.

Our long history of collaboration with Japanese clients means that our products combine Japanese standards of quality with Taiwanese price competiveness.

What makes Topmark different?

- Design innovation that ensures that all our products are future ready.

- Creative solutions to your individual design requirements.

- Premium quality that maximises value for money for our clients.

- Highly energy efficient products using cutting edge technology that will keep your costs down.

- Reliability that ensures our transformers operate optimally under the harshest and most demanding conditions.

- Short turnaround times and punctual delivery to keep your project timelines on track.

- Product service and support, giving you the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a company whose reputation for reliability is second to none.