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TopMark Transformers

Topmark was established in 1988 to manufacture a wide range of E-I and toroidal transformers aimed at supplying Taiwan's fast growing industries. Since then Topmark has continuously expanded the scale of its plant and production lines.

Thanks to almost 25 years of experience, Topmark has built up an enviable level of expertise in manufacturing transformers and is now a well known brand in the field due to its reputation for first-class quality.

Our transformers are at work in more than 15 countries in four continents across the globe. They can be found as far afield as Japan, the United States, Germany, Australia and eastern Europe.

Topmark has thrived in the competitive transformer market because it has always offered premium quality, thanks to the innovations that come with a creative R&D department and the craftsmanship that comes with on-going training of our highly skilled employees. We compete on quality, never on price.

We strive to meet each customer´s quality requirements so that as their business grows so does ours.